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    Oslo Health Hackathon 2019

    Er du rå på dataanalyse og har lyst til å lære mer om hvordan du jobber med pasientdata? Acando, sammen med BigMed, DNV GL og Kreftforeningen inviterer til et online Hackathon. Her kan du vise dine ferdigheter i konkurranse med andre innen analytics og big data. Vi ønsker å heve kompetansen innen biomedisinsk Data Science i Norge og samtidig skape bevissthet om datatilgjengelighet. Du kan melde deg på individuelt eller som team og delta i konkurransen fra hele landet. Hackathonet varer i to måneder og vinneren vil bli presentert på et felles arrangement i april.

    26.01.2019 to 22.04.2019.

    Themes and rules will be sent by e-mail to the participants in January, so sign up today.

    Norway, Oslo

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    Do you enjoy data analytics and want to learn more about working with patient data?

    Acando, in partnership with BigMed, DNV GL, and Norwegian Cancer Society, invites to a virtual Hackathon. Here you can demonstrate your skills and compete with others while also shedding light on how data can help address wicked problems that are challenging society. Our objective is to bring people together to grow skills in biomedical data science in Norway while also raising awareness around data availability (we’re also concerned about privacy confidentiality and integrity). You can sign up individually or as a team and participate in the competition from any part of the country. The hackathon spans two months and the winner will be felicitated at an event in April 2019.

    The next health revolution is about harnessing the power of health data. We believe that digital technologies will increase the precision of clinical treatments, implement better strategies for preventative care, operate hospitals more efficiently and a host of other improvements. At the heart of these opportunities lies the use of advanced analytical methods for processing a variety of data sets and large volumes of data.

    The Oslo Health Hackathon 2019 aims to bring together the best skills in these areas to whet the appetite in working with health data and what challenges it can address. We provide the data and an analysis platform, and it is up to the participants to demonstrate that they are the country's most promising analysts of health data. The competition will start with an introduction to the domain of biomedical health data, provides networking opportunities to learn and share and will conclude with a fitting celebration of the winners.

    Some highlights of the Oslo Health Hackathon 2019

    1. The competition is focused on biomedical data science and the purpose is to provide an important contribution to cancer research in the form of a prediction model. Specifically, the competition uses

      - Open datasets to demonstrate how Open Data can answer important and relevant questions related to cancer.

      - Large amounts of cancer data in a variety of formats to provide insight into the potential of big data technologies

      - A variety of datasets e.g. clinical data, biomarkers, sequencing data, MRI images and pathology findings.  Participants decide how best they wish to solve the task.
    2. You can attend individually or as a team. The cross-disciplinary nature of biomedical analytics does lend itself to teamwork.
    3. The competition is virtual, this allows you and your team to participate from wherever you are in the country and when it suits you.
    4. The competition spans about two months (end Jan – mid March 2019).
    5. Themes and rules will be sent by e-mail to the participants in January, so sign up today.

    Seminar 25. april

    25. april fra kl 14-17 arrangerer vi ettermiddidagsseminaret "Felles innsats på helsedata – hva kan vi få til?"

    Her vil det bli presentert erfaringer og perspektiver fra Oslo Health Hackathon i tillegg til at fagpersoner innen medisin, analytics og akademia vil holde aktuelle og spennende foredrag. Les mer og meld deg på her!

    Registrer deg på arrangementet her.


    • Who is the competition for?

      This competition is for anyone who wants to use their skills in statistics, machine learning, AI and image processing for an exciting challenge and a good cause.

    • Can I sign up individually or as a team?

      We encourage forming teams with cross-disciplinary profiles so that you can address the issue from multiple perspectives and domain knowledge. 

    • Does the participant need to have biomedical knowledge?

      There is no prerequisite for knowledge in biomedicine. While biomedical domain knowledge can be an advantage, we are looking for expertise across domains. Adequate biomedical information will be provided in advance including professional literature in cancer research and recommended reading for those who want to get even more out of the data sets.

    • What are the criteria for choosing a winner?

      The quality of the generated model will be evaluated by any future users. We are excited to see if this competition, with its “educated crowd science” approach, can come up with a model that is better than the existing model.

    • What is the prize for the winner of the Hackathon?

      There is a token prize and the opportunity for glory, fame and the opportunity to publish an article.

    • Who will evaluate the results?

      A: The contributions of the contestants will be evaluated by experts in cancer research, data science, bioinformatics, biomedical Imaging, information security and precision medicine.

    • Who are the organizers?

      Acando took the initiative for this event and is organizing the event in partnership with BigMed, DNV GL and Norwegian Cancer Society

    Why Acando?
    Acando’s vision is a more capable world; a world where people and businesses collaborate to create value for themselves and society. Acando’s Data Science capability is spearheading the hackathon to demonstrate the opportunities that lie at the heart of Smart Care. The opportunities can draw on Acando’s collective data science expertise in diverse fields like bioinformatics, nuclear physics, mathematics and health economics. Acando’s expertise in microelectronics and product design are complementary domains that accentuate the potential of transforming patient data for societal good.

    What is BigMed?
    BigMed is a Norwegian forward-looking commitment to precision medicine, which is rooted in some of the best medical environments in Norway, at Oslo University Hospital. BigMed wishes to develop solutions to identify bottlenecks in precision medicine and demonstrate how to break down barriers. BigMed outlines a future version of a patient pathway, identifies the gaps between this future and the current situation and shows what is required to achieve its objectives. BigMed aims to build a platform that allows to integrate and gather more actions under one roof. The BigMed ecosystem has already become a focal point for many who wish to participate in the journey to a digital and modern health care system.

    Why DNV GL?
    DNV GL, owned by the foundation Det Norske Veritas, is a third party assurance provider. With 12,500 employees in more than 100 countries, DNV GL has a global presence within Maritime, Oil & Gas, Energy and Healthcare. DNV GL’s Veracity platform has been made available for the Oslo Health Hackathon 2019. The Veracity platform facilitates secure and easy data management and data sharing between trusted parties, and includes a marketplace where one can access DNV GL's digital services and applications as well as services from outside suppliers. Veracity includes a community for development of new applications and analytics.

    Why Norwegian Cancer Society?
    The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) is one of the largest organisations in Norway representing the voices of those affected by cancer.

    In 2017, the organisation had 118 000 members, 27 000 volunteers and 190 employees, who are all dedicated to promoting cancer cause.

    NCS works continuously to improve society’s attitude to the prevention and treatment of cancer. We fight cancer locally, nationally and globally through research and preventive measures, information, support, advice and lobbying.


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